RM3,259.00 RM3,999.00
LG SN9Y 520W 5.1.2ch Hi-Res Dolby Atmos Sound Bar with Meridian Technology
Price RM3,259.00 RM3,999.00
Product SKU SN9Y
Brand LG
Size (L x W x H) 14.5 cm x 122 cm x 5.7 cm
Availability 6
  • with MERIDIAN
  • Dolby Atmos
  • DTS:X
  • 5.1.2 ch
  • High Resolution Audio
  • eARC

LG Sound Bar SN9Y

Truly Breathtaking Audio Experience

Close-up of LG Soundbar left side with Meridian logo on the bottom left corner. Larger Meridian logo shown above the product.


Elevates sound and creates a wide soundstage with advanced signal processing technology

TV and Soundbar together in full view. TV shows a couple in an open roof car on the road driving into the sunset.

Dolby Vision & Dolby Atmos

Powerful and more realistic audio entertainment

TV and sound bar in white living room with white sofa in the center. Speakers sit on both ends of the sofa.

5.1.2 ch Surround System

For the premium home theater experience

Close-up of LG Soundbar right side with LG logo shown on the bottom right corner. Hi-Res logo shown above the product.

High Resolution Audio

For accurate sound of highest quality

Close-up of LG Soundbar left side with Meridian logo shown on bottom left corner. Bottom left side of TV is also visible.

LG Sound Bar SN9Y

The Best Sound for Your Cinematic Experience


MERIDIAN Technology for Exceptional Sound

LG Sound Bar SN9Y now comes with Meridian’s advanced digital signal processing technology. Experience the quality of ear-level sound and a wide sound stage.

Close-up of the left side of LG Soundbar with Meridian logo on the bottom left corner.

Dolby Vision & Dolby Atmos

Hear the Difference with Immersive 3D Sound

The LG Sound Bar SN9Y meets Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos and DTS:X to transform your home into a theater, for the most immersive viewing of all your favorite movies.

TV is on the wall, LG Soundbar is below on a white marble shelf with a sub-woofer to the right. TV shows a couple in a car.

Video preview showing LG Soundbar in a white living room with 7.1.2 channel setup.

Watch the Full Movie

5.1.2 ch (Rear Speaker Ready)

Fill the Room with the Ultimate Cinematic Surround Sound

The LG Sound Bar SN9Y supports wireless connectivity for 7.1.2 ch output so you can always watch TV with the most immersive sound.

*Rear Speaker Kit sold seperately.

**Rear speakers are wired to the included wireless receiver but is not shown in the image.

Close-up right side of LG Soundbar with LG logo shown on the bottom right corner. Hi-Res logo is shown below the product.

High Resolution Audio

Listen to Uncomparable Sound

High Resolution Audio delivers 192kHz sampling rates and 24bit depth, for more accurate sound and a more enjoyable listening experience.

Back of LG Soundbar in living room with gray sofa in the center. Graphics of the wavelength measuring the space are shown.

AI Room Calibration

Sound Suited to Your Space

Determine the best soundbar configuration for your space. Install knowing it also corrects fine sound distortion from objects in your room in only 15 seconds.

*AI Room Calibration is a automatic sound tuning technology that compensates for the environment the Sound Bar is placed, by using Algorithms that improve the Sound Bar’s sonic performance.

A TV is shown on a gray wall and LG Soundbar below it on a gray shelf. TV shows a conductor conducting an orchestra.

AI Sound Pro

Adaptive Audio for Everything You Watch

AI Sound Pro automatically analyzes content to instantly optimize audio settings for what’s playing. Catch every detail with crystal clear dialogue or more punchy powerful action, depending on the genre.

TV and Soundbar are seen from the front. TV shows man riding snowmobile in the snowy mountains. HDMI 2.1 logo is below TV.


Fully Enjoy Entertainment the Best Way Possible

HDMI eARC (Enhanced Audio Return Channel) allows lossless transmission of uncompressed 5.1 ch and 7.1 ch audio, and even HBR(High Bit Rate) audio such as Dolby Atmos® and DTS: X® on compatible TVs.

*Image is simulated.


Connect More Conveniently

Add Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® connectivity to your audio setup, or conveniently connect and play using optical or HDMI cables.

Close-up LG Soundbar right side with LG logo on the bottom right corner. Connectivity icons shown above the product.