RM4,015.00 RM7,129.00
LG 12/8kg Front Load Washer Dryer with Direct Drive
Price RM4,015.00 RM7,129.00
Product SKU FG1612H2W
Brand LG
Size (L x W x H) 65.5 cm x 60 cm x 85 cm
Availability 1
  • Inverter Direct Drive™
  • TrueSteam™
  • TruboWash™
  • 6MotionDD
  • Pause & Add Item
  • ThinQ™

Less Vibration, Less Noise <br>1

Invert Direct Drive

Less Vibration, Less Noise

Not just one but two high-efficiency Inverter Direct Drive motors enhance washing performance but without the noise. Inverter DD technology uses fewer moving parts, which reduces vibrations and enhances durability. Plus, the motors dissipate less energy, reducing electricity consumption.


99.9% Allergens Reduced

TrueSteam™ technology activates Allergy Care, Steam Refresh and Steam Softener™. Improve your quality of life by maintaining a healthy, allergen-free environment.

99.9% Allergens Reduced<br>3

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Less Time, More Life

TurboWash™ technology cleans your clothes with less time*. JetSpray sprays clean tap water onto your clothes making rinsing cycles even more efficient than before.

Less Time, More Life1

Optimal Wash for Fabrics1

6 Motion DD

Optimal Wash for Fabrics

Select a wash program and 6 Motion Direct Drive technology moves the wash drum in multiple directions, giving fabrics the proper care while getting clothes ultra clean.

Separate Wash

A washer that does just what you need. Wash regular large loads in the front-loading top washer, or use the separate top-loading on the bottom deck for delicates or small loads that cannot wait.

Separate Wash3

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Save Water, Save Time with EcoHybrid1

Save Water, Save Time with EcoHybrid

EcoHybrid technology with Energy A rating saves water or shortens the drying cycle. Select either Eco dry mode, which uses no water for drying, or normal dry mode to shorten the entire drying cycle and reduce energy costs.

* Tested by LG Lab, based on 6kg of EU standard load, 220 times per year.
** 0l/kg for condensing, 1.5l/kg for filter cleaning only.


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Ergonomic Design to Help You

The TWINWash™ makes its easier to do your laundry in many ways, starting with less bending for your back and knees. The higher top washer is more ergonomic to load.

Ergonomic Design to Help You<br>3

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Add Item

If you forget a piece of laundry, you can still add it after the start of the wash cycle. The LG TWINWash™ is equipped with an "Add Item" button that lets you open the door during washing to add any stray items.

Add Item       <br>3

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* Depending on the clothes amount and fabric type, door lock may not be released.
If water temperature is higher than 40°C , door lock is not released for safety.
** Release duration time is less than 3 seconds.

Washer and Dryer in One <br>1

Washer and Dryer in One

LG's all-in-one washer and dryer is another of our leading appliance technologies. Save space in your home and make more room for your family. LG's combination washer and dryer lets you get your clothes sparkling clean and dry too without the need for a separate dryer.

Smart Convenience with WiFi

SmartThinQ™ technology lets you operate or monitor your laundry from anywhere, anytime. You can track energy consumption or use Download Cycle to add a whole range of newly developed wash cycles during the washing machine's entire lifespan.

Smart Convenience with WiFi3

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Precise Control & Reliable Durability1

Slim Inverter DD

Precise Control & Reliable Durability

Slimmed down to fit the TWINWash™Mini, providing precise control and durability. Inverter Direct Motor comes with a standard 10-year warranty.

Perfect Solution for Delicates and Daily loads

The LG TWINWash™Mini lets you run small loads as often as you like. You can even do several loads a day for essential items like baby wear or daily items.

Perfect Solution for Delicates and Daily loads3

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Delicate Wash

TWINWash™Mini is the perfect size for hand wash or delicate items. No need to wait you can run small loads as often as you like to stop laundry from piling up.

Delicate Wash3

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